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In most countries the word ‘sponsor’ is commonly used by businesses paying to have their names associated with an entertainment show or other event, but in Oman it has a  different meaning:  a sponsor acts as a sort of guardian as well as guarantor and undertakes all administrative work on behalf of the foreigner, including applying for a work and residence visa, bank accounts and signing a rental accommodation contract. A sponsor can be an individual, a company or an institution.  Al Shahi International can sponsor or assist your company in sponsorship.

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AL TARIAQ TRADING AND SERVICES has the resources to provide the manpower requirements to its clients both quickly and efficiently.  We provide experienced and reliable personnel to clients in all career fields including the following:

Hotel Personnel:
Secretarial Personnel, Receptionists, Computer Operators, Accounts Personnel, Storekeepers, Office Assistants 
Catering Personnel:
Bakers, Pastry Chefs, Chefs, Cooks, Waiters, Barmen, Housekeepers, Janitors, Kitchen Helpers and dishwasher 
Oil and Gas Exploration Tradesmen/Technicians:
AC Mechanics, Electricians, Masons, Plumbers, Welders, drillers, store man, rigger. 
Construction Workers:
General Labor, skilled and semi skilled worker such as carpenters, Brick layers, pipe fitters, cement masons, plasters, bar benders, electricians, truck drivers, crane operators, surveyors. 
General Workers:
Drivers, Cleaners, General Attendants, Handymen and Domestic helpers (house nurse, house cooks and babysitters)

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